What can you learn from our website?

What can you learn from our website?

We’ve been telling people for a while now that they need to have a website that has: rss feeds, social media integration, blogs, video content and visitor participation.  Having a “Web 2.0” website is all about interacting with the visitors to your site.  This helps by getting people involved on your site and it also helps with your Google rankings.
We are proud to announce our new website that offers all of the features that we advise people to have on their site.  So why are these aspects necessary?
By having rss (Really Simple Syndcation), people can “subscribe” to your website and be alerted every time something new is posted.  This means that people don’t have to magically know when you have new content on your site.  No longer can a business survive by pasting their outdated brochure onto their website.  People don’t want to have to go to your site every day and rss lets them stay in touch with you as needed.
Social Media
Social Media is booming and isn’t going away.  Without getting into all the facts and details, we can just let you know that it’s important to have this integrated into your website.  Your website, blog and social media should be seamless and all be directed back to your site…so you can make money…which is why all of this is important.
Many people think of 17 year old girls writing out their latest drama on their blog.  This thinking has changed drastically as most large corporations have blogs directly from their CEO.  Since people want to be involved with you by writing comments to your blog posts.  The most transparent and real you can be, the more people can trust you as a person.  As you know, people do business with people they know and trust.
Video content is important to you for several reasons.  First, people like to watch a video about the services and products you offer rather than reading about it.  Whether you like it or not, people’s attention span is only getting shorter.  Secondly, having videos on your site helps your Google rankings.  Google loves video…which is why they bought YouTube a few years ago.  By having videos on YouTube AND your website will help tremendously in people finding your company.
Making sure your website is “web 2.0” compatible means that people can interact with you on your site.  People expect interaction and want to communicate with you through leaving comments, seeing your posts on social media outlets or reading your newsletter.  It’s the best way to build a community around your business.  Remember, people don’t want to be sold to every time you communicate with them.  Feel free to let them know you’re a normal person that loves what they do and that has a life outside work (you do have a life outside of your job, right?).

Having our new website let’s us easily integrate all of the aspects above, which lets us move on to other important things like: doing our jobs, creating incredible videos for our clients, and enjoying the life we each have outside of our fun, little video production company called, Exit Row Productions.  If you would like to learn more about getting a new website that has all of the features above, or if you want to create a video to put on your website and YouTube, then give us a call.  We’d love to help.

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