What to wear when you are in a video

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Our recommendations to have you looking great on camera

Congratulations! You have been chosen to be on camera (or perhaps someone has chosen you to be on camera). Something you should think about is what to wear when you are in a video (or “on camera” as we say in the biz). Here is what we tell everyone that is on camera in our productions.

1. Wear appropriate clothing for your job position or based on the purpose of the video.

If you are a CEO, lawyer or professional, you probably will want to wear a suit and tie. However, if you work on a manufacturing floor are doing something athletic or have work related clothing, you probably want to wear clothes appropriate for your job or the purpose of the video. If you are acting a part in the video, it’s good to wear clothing that best represents your character. Don’t know what to wear? Simply bring a few outfits to the shoot and we’ll decide what the best option is for you.

2. Avoid small patterns

Small stripes, checks, or patterns can look really bad on camera and can give a wavy effect that will be a huge distraction. It’s better to go with solid colors

3. Loud clothing = bad on camera

While your style might be more “vibrant” with many patterns, you don’t want to distract the viewer. Wear something more subtle.

4. Audio Considerations

For many shoots, we may attach a small lapel mic onto your front buttons, collar or scar. Please wear something that we can easily affix a mic onto.

5. Avoid flashy or dangly jewelry

If your jewelry makes any kind of noise, it will be heard in your video. Also keep in mind that jewelry can sparkle or cause reflections in the camera. It’s best to minimize these items as much as possible.

6. Makeup

We use professional video cameras so there is no need to put on heavy makeup or lipstick. A subtle look goes a long way. If you find that you perspire, feel free to bring something to wipe your brow or lip. If you have a high profile shoot,  may want to request that we provide a makeup artist or hair stylist be on set.

7. Feel Confident

This is something that’s often overlooked, but very important. Pick something that you feel good in and know you look good in. If you’re tugging and pulling the whole time, you won’t feel confident and it may come across on camera.

8. How to look more slim on camera:

  • Darker colored clothing makes you look slim, whereas light colors do not
  • Vertical lines help you look slimmer than horizontal lines
  • Clothes that fit you well are better than baggy or loose fitting clothing
  • Solid colors are slimming but patterns are not


Thank you for reviewing these on camera clothing tips. We’re excited to be your video production company and make you look your best. We’ve worked with thousands of non-actors so if you aren’t a professional actor, don’t worry, we’ll put you at ease and make you look (and sound) great on camera.


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