When DIY Web Design Is a Bad Thing and How to Fix It

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Have you ever tried to do something that you aren’t skilled enough to do, but you did it anyway? Maybe it’s trying to fix your own plumbing, or rotate your tires, or maybe building your own website. You know how the story goes, you get excited to tackle a project but it ends up costing more than you estimated and it takes  5 times longer than you expected.

We are seeing more and more people trying to build their own websites, which  gets us very excited that the technology is getting easier to post content and manage many pieces of a website.  And while part of that is something we highly recommend, some parts of building a website will only leave you frustrated and discouraged. Plus, you may end up losing more money through time wasted on doing it yourself. Here are some times on when a DIY website is a bad thing and what parts we encourage you to do yourself.

When DIY Web Design is bad for your business:

  • When you could/should be doing other work that generates income (like running your business)
  • When your website needs to look professional and not something cobbled together
  • When you don’t have an eye for design or user experience
  • When you don’t know html, css or php
  • When you are in over your head and it’s costing you more to build it than hire someone to build it for you

What part of your website should you be building?

  • Writing articles
  • Posting FAQs
  • Blogging
  • Responding to blog comments
  • Crafting video content
  • Thinking of more content to post to your website
  • Directing the vision of your website

Most companies don’t have the time, skill or man (or woman) power to build a website themselves. That’s why they hire a great web design company like True Focus Media. Once the website is built, we help you with the pieces of your website that you can manage yourself. Gone are the days when you have to call your web design company and wait 3-6 weeks for them to make a basic change. We believe you should be able to mange your own content and add content to it.

We’ve learned to call a professional when a pipe breaks or the tires need rotating since it saves us a lot of time and frustration. And we hope you consider True Focus media when you think about building your new website or revamping your old website.


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