Why blogging is like building a fire

Clients always ask me why it’s important to blog and I give them the example of building a fire.  As a child, I was known to “play” with fire on occasion.  I found that the more wood that I threw on the fire, the larger the fire grew.  And the larger the fire was, the longer it burned.

Google has changed the standards on what’s important on your website over the past few years. A company used to be able to build a website and it would act as a sales brochure, never to be touched again. But Google changed this approach. Google loves a website that has “fresh and relevant content”. This means, the more content you put on your website, the more Google has the ability to see your key words and rank you higher. If your website only has a few static pages, then Google has nothing to keep it coming back to reindex the site.  Plus, your viewers won’t have anything new to see on your site.

And this brings us back to the fire analogy.  Just like building a fire requires continually adding wood to sustain it, so does building your website’s blog page.  You want to continually add content to your website to sustain it.  Similarly, you want to add wood to a fire so it grows larger and can be visible for those around you.  I highly recommend adding content to your website (blogs, news, updates, etc) so it becomes easier to see from a distance.

So go ahead, start adding content to your website on a regular basis and your website will grow larger and will quickly attract both Google and people from almost any distance, plus there is no risk of getting burned on your website…which is a good thing.

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