Why Creating Industry Trend Videos Will Boost Your Authority

Standing out in positive ways is the goal of every business. We all want to be the name remembered and chosen over competitors, but this is not always easy. While most manufacturers do a decent job of promoting both their company and products, they are not reaching the level of being an industry expert. Once a company reaches the industry expert level, they are the go-to company to meet the needs and answer the questions of those who need to know. Thankfully, I have a way to help your company achieve that sought-after standard through the use of online content. Consider the areas below to create short videos to post on your company website and build credibility as an industry influencer.

Industry Trends

All industries rise and fall in certain areas. Stay ahead of the game by posting videos and information on current industry trends and what is on the horizon. It will appear that your company is well versed and knowledgeable about your specific industry and a source of current information. These videos can be left online even after the trend has passed as a form of reference.

Potential Problems

The industry leaders that are the most trusted are those that are honest about current or potential problems. This is not a time to trash the industry but to discuss current issues and how these are being addressed. Potential clients want to know you are well aware of any issues that may arise and are ready to address that head-on.


Just as it is important to discuss potential problems, make sure to include videos and articles about current or upcoming opportunities specific to your industry. For example, perhaps a new version of a product is to be released within a few weeks, or a simple update can help equipment be more efficient. This is information that needs to be shared to help boost your company as an industry expert. Informational videos like this allow people to see that you have your thumb on the industry’s heartbeat.

Research and Technology

Much like problems and opportunities, knowing the research behind certain aspects of your industry and the technology that makes products and solutions possible prove your expert level. Whether your company has a research and development department or the research has come from another source, offer credit and then share the important points. Potential clients want to know the research but not read through pages of documents, so hit the highlights in a short video or article on your site.


Nearly every website has a frequently asked question section in written form, but step up your online game by creating videos to show how to solve common issues. For example, a technology company may demonstrate how to use hidden features on a new phone or computer, or a large machinery company may demonstrate how to replace a specific part easily on a machine. The content will be dependent on your industry. Potential customers would rather watch someone do something in real-time than read an answer. In addition, if your site is the one visited to answer questions, you are more likely to have that person as a future customer.

Post these videos anywhere customers may see them and pull in other industry experts by tagging them or tagging a trade show or event. People will be more interested in seeing what you have to say and boost you to expert levels. So try it out and let me know how things are progressing. If you need help getting started, then contact me for further information.

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