Why Creating Videos Answering Your Customer’s Questions is Key

According to research, 72% of B2B buyers do research prior to ever making a call to a salesperson. Though this seems like a general statistic, it is actually highly important for your business. Think of it in this way: if a potential customer is researching prior to picking up the phone and your company is never represented, then that call will never come to your company. If you have videos available, then your company will at least be considered. A company that is never seen is also never considered which is why this Video Value Bomb is so important.

When you are considering a purchase, you most likely do research ahead of time. No one makes a purchase, especially a large one without first putting in the work. Why would you expect less from your potential customers? So, the question now becomes whether you have appropriate, customer-centered content available to help clients educate themselves and be drawn to your company to place an order. The best way to draw customers in is to focus on what they want and the questions that they may want to be answered. While many companies already have video content that is company-focused or product-focused, few have video content that is customer-focused. This leads to the first tip.

Video Marketing Tip #1

Focus on content that is helpful to the viewer and focus on that topic. Much like this Video Value Bomb, the goal is to help the customer with an issue that is important to them, drawing in more customers. To do this, look at your key products, those that are the highest-grossing or those in an emerging market. Then think about the questions or concerns customers have around these products and answer those questions in your videos. These questions can be those that current customers may have, those a potential customer may have, or those that happy product users may still hold.

Video Marketing Tip #2

After thinking about a list of questions for each type of customer or potential customer, then create short videos to answer the questions for each. Now, the most important part, post these videos on as many platforms as possible on which your customers may come across them. This is not just your website or social media, but all places your customers may be to search for products.

Though I expect that you are already creating amazing videos to draw in and inform customers, if not I can help. Contact us with questions, concerns, or potential ideas that you want to bring to life. I can help and your business will benefit.

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