Why creating videos of your top-performing blogs is key

One of the questions I get asked a lot is, “We want to create Video Value Bombs, but what types of content to create?”

We have a content roadmap that we customize for the manufacturers we work with. But this alone will set you on the path to creating Video Value Bombs.

Technology is everywhere, and we need to be able to use technology to enhance business, contacts, and ultimately, sales. Most companies already have a blog that answers questions and describes new or incoming products, but why not use these blogs for even more? I am suggesting that you use your most popular blog posts to create video content that people can watch. I call these your “unicorns”. 🦄

What are your top-performing blogs, articles, case studies, and other content that you already have? Those are your unicorns. Create Video Value Bombs for each of those pieces of content because most people would rather watch a short video that supplements an article.

Choose Wisely

While it is possible to make a video to accompany every blog simply, this is not necessary and can easily become overwhelming. Instead, take the time to review all of the company blog posts and write down the top ten or twenty titles as far as views. A post with multiple views and numerous positive comments is the perfect place to start making videos. Add more videos to the list if this goes well, but start with the most popular posts.

The Right Personality

If you are turning blog posts into videos, you do not necessarily have to use the blog writer to appear on camera. While it can be helpful to use the writer, some people do not want to cross over to video. Instead, choose someone knowledgeable about the topic to be a part of the video and share the information.

Write a Script

Scriptwriting should be short and simple since the videos will be based on an already popular blog. You do not want someone on camera reading the blog, so write up a few lines that introduce the topic and then explain or demonstrate the shared information. The video does not have to be lengthy; even a 30-second video can be impactful if done correctly.

This may sound like a waste to some, but putting information in video form can draw in new consumers and buyers. People are more likely to watch a short video than read a blog. If the blog is already popular, then adding a video will draw people back and offer a written version of the information already built into the system. Start small with two or three short videos and monitor the response over time. If it is successful, share your success with me here. If not, keep trying with different people and different posts to make sure everyone can easily access and understand your products and company.


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