Why pay $99/month to get your business videos online? Video

Their are many video services out there that allow you to “create your own Youtube site”. Many of these cost around $99 a month and you still have to create and distribute quality videos. The USA Today wrote an article that highlighted the importance of putting video online (your website along with other video sharing sites). Here are a few of the stats.

-11 BILLION videos were watched online in September 2009 alone.
-A small fraction of businesses have videos online.
-Those companies that do have videos online (both on your website along with other video sharing sites) have a distinct advance above those that do not.
-Customers find more value and importance with companies that have videos on their websites than those that don’t.

Exit Row Productions can produce high quality videos and host them, put them on your website, post them on other video sharing sites, create iPhone/iPod versions, make it into a podcast, as well as create a dedicated website for your videos. What if you could have your own Hulu.com or YoTtube site for your videos? We can do that. Click HERE is an example of a site we could create that would house all your corporate videos. It’s clean and professional and it will make your company stand out from the rest, and you will be saving money over companies that charge you $99/month to put your videos on a dedicated site.

Give us a call if you would like to learn more about how we can do this for you: 937.673.8450

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