Why PDFs hurt your website. Part 1: They’re not web friendly

My company has been creating and improving websites since 2006.

I’ve noticed a lot of manufacturers have a LOT of great content.

But not all of it is formatted in the best way for smartphones, SEO, and usability.

So while not many people are talking about what to do with all the PDFs you have on your website, I’ve decided to create a short, 3-part video series on this problem.

Because putting too many PDFs on your website can hurt your SEO, be hard for your customers to see the information on their phones and it’s very hard to update a PDF without breaking the URL. I’ll explain all of this in upcoming videos.

I totally understand how easy it is to put all of your white papers, spec sheets, data sheets, and more into PDFs but if it’s not customer-centric and doing more damage than good, then it’s time to revisit this common practice.

But check out the first video overview of the problem and my recommended solution.

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