YouTube Video Marketing for Manufacturers and Industrial Companies

Creating effective video marketing content is key. But it’s also important to put your video on as many places as your audience is. And YouTube is one of the top places we recommend. While you may think of YouTube as mostly a place for cat videos, it should not be ignored.

Find out the Top 10 Videos you should use in your business.

While Google is the top search engine, did you know that YouTube is the second most used search engine? And it’s only content is video. That’s how important video is…and it’s only growing.

This video-sharing titan actually has over thirty million visitors daily, with almost five billion clips being watched within that span. These are astounding numbers you should be mindful of.

Add in the fact that ever since Google bought YouTube in November of 2006, businesses that utilize this site can actually enhance their SEO and increase the chances of their potential customers find them.

To improve the success of your videos, optimize the following:

  • The title
  • Thumbnail
  • Description
  • Location
  • Adding popular keywords so your post will appear as the top suggestion with every search.

The Importance of How-To Videos

One-third of the content on YouTube is how-to related content. This includes tutorials, product demos, instructional videos, and those that help you set something up. Your audience is going to YouTube to learn about products, services, and solutions. YouTube has become their go-to-platform. Do you have a presence on YouTube?

Using videos such as this is a great way for companies to connect with your customers and target audience. What begins as simply introducing your brand can quickly turn into an in-depth look at the products or services you offer.

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How to Maximize YouTube for Industrial Manufacturing Marketing

Whether you’d care to admit it or not, this is where the future of marketing is headed. The Internet – particular social sharing sites like YouTube – has trained people to become more visual than ever. As a result, we all absorb information much quicker by watching how things are done. Images also keep our focus in check until we comprehend the gist of each message.

So for those who truly want to conquer this medium, have we got a treat for you.

Our company is offering a monthly video marketing service to all interested partners, where we help you create effective videos to get more leads. We’ll even help with nurturing leads and following-up clients by posting content on YouTube, as well as 40 other distribution channels, every single month.

Learn more about this promo by visiting our website and download our new guide on the top 10 videos that should be used for every step of the sales process. Don’t miss the chance to improve your company’s performance. Sign up today.

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