3 Simple Marketing Videos Your Business Needs

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Marketing effectiveness is only measurable when you set goals. Do you want to drive traffic to your website? Do you want to improve your brand’s reputation? Or maybe increase customer engagement?

What if I tell you that most, if not all, marketing objectives set by businesses today can be achieved by video content? And that if you haven’t incorporated videos into your marketing campaigns yet, you’re seriously getting left behind?

You’ve probably heard or read somewhere about how “video content is king”.

It’s true.

The use of visual media in marketing, videos most especially, has tremendously increased over the past few years. And it’s because of its value and impact in today’s consumers. Add that to the fact that social media has become more powerful than ever. You can share videos in just about every social media platform there is.

There are different types of videos you can add to your market strategy. Here are three videos and how these videos can be an effective tools in reaching your marketing goals. You can use these video strategies regardless if your a manufacturing company, in healthcare or smaller company.

Customer Testimonial Videos

It’s one thing to read a testimonial. But to actually see and hear someone happy and satisfied about something is a totally different thing. A video will leave more impact.

A testimonial video is really just you telling your audience how great your product or service is. Only, it’s a consumer who’s doing the talking. It’s someone else outside of your business “bragging” about you. That’s strong social proof.

There’s certain components to a great testimonial video. There’s credibility. Your videos should be believable which means you don’t need professional actors. Let your customer or client brag about you and your products or services. Also, it helps if the person on the video isn’t following a script. Let them speak from the heart with some guided questions.

Another tip – focus on benefits, not features. What does this mean? Instead of talking about how, for example, your social media management software has analytics incorporated, have the person doing the testimonial share about how this has helped them. For example, how this feature has helped them save time and simplify their data reports. Focus on solutions and be specific about it.

Here’s an example of a testimonial video we did for Comfort Keepers.

Here is a testimonial from Tom Ziglar of the Ziglar company (Zig Ziglar was his father). This was done a few years ago before we changed our name to True Focus Media. We produced a video for the Ziglar company and Tom gave us a glowing testimonial.

Presentation Videos

Giving presentations at networking and industry meetings is a great way to inform others on trends and that’s just what we’ve done with great success. Lately, we’ve been recording these presentations and combining them with the slides used during these presentations.

In terms of data presentation software for your slides, there’s a lot of other options now aside from PowerPoint. It depends on the type of data and how you want to present it. Prezi, Slidebean, and Infogr.am are just a few examples.

So how do you use presentation videos for online marketing? Aside from simply sharing the videos on your website, you can also link them to your website and blog. So, what you’ll do is you’ll write blogs based on your presentation video topics and add the video presentations into the blog content.

Creating presentation videos is also a good idea if you’re looking to boost your website’s SEO (search engine optimization). Google loves fresh, new content and puts a big priority on video so recording your presentations will greatly increase the chances that new eyes will hit your website more frequently.

Here’s an example of a presentation video that we filmed before a small gathering of business owners.

Video Case Studies

Case studies are stories of how a product or service has saved the day for a customer. They feature consumers sharing positive results they got from using a certain product or service. It’s somewhat similar to a testimonial but case studies are more detailed.

One example can be a video of a small company explaining how a project management software has changed and improved the way they run their business. The video can go into specifics of what has changed and how.

So why do case study videos? They help strengthen a business’s value proposition. It shows potential customers not only that a product or service works, but more importantly how.

There are other types of marketing videos you can use to grow your businesses. These three should give you enough background on why videos are essential in today’s marketing world.

How would you know which one to use? Go with the ones that fit into your market plan and meet your objectives.

But remember — it’s not enough that you simply create and share videos. If you want to connect with your audience and leave a message that resonates, you have to make sure you’re giving them compelling visual content.

The use of videos in content marketing isn’t only about standing out anymore. It has become more about boosting sales, making conversions, driving website traffic, and increasing followers. It may seem overwhelming but that’s where True Focus Media comes in. We make it a point to stay at the forefront of trends in online marketing and use that information to help businesses like yours grow.

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