Video Testimonials: Hard to Fake

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Everyone wants to feel like they can trust someone that they are about to give money to. It is a fundamental principle that has always existed with humans. We want to feel like what we are about to spend money on is going to be worth the money that we spend. This has lead to the growth of things like Angie’s List, Yelp,  Consumer Reports,  and the Better Business Bureau. Not to mention almost every website puts reviews of the product you are about to buy. You can hardly avoid making any transaction these days without seeing what other people are saying about the item or service that you are getting ready to purchase.

Text vs. Video – You Decide Who Wins

As a business owner you can hardly afford not to have testimonials and reviews of your product or service.  So what’s in a testimonial? Who is to say that they are genuine? Here at Exit Row Productions we believe in the power of video. Anyone could make up a fake name (example: This was a great product and met all my expectations  – Tom from Spokane, WA.). However, it is much harder to fake a testimony on video. People can usually pick up on someone reading from a script. If you can get a satisfied customer talking about there experience in a positive light than that is the key.

 Video Testimony – Sounds Easy Enough

So all I have to do is shoot a video of people talking about my business…. That’ easy…. Right? Well, it is one thing to have a client recite a script that you write out for them. It might look more like you used a robot translation app and put a human face to it. It is important that your testimonials come across as genuine. People want to feel like they are real people with real opinions. Now, the first part of this is on you as the business owner. Obviously you have to have satisfied customers in order for this to work.  The next part is communicating it effectively. Here at Exit Row Productions we like to have unscripted testimonials so they appear to be believable and effective. Check out some video testimonials  that we filmed for a marketing company out of Arkansas watch videos here. Contact us today to see how we can produce a testimonial for you that will help grow your credibility and client list.

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