3 overlooked ways to learn a new subject

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We all love learning. Whether it’s to improve our life with our family, to get a raise at work, or to master a new skill. It’s easier than ever to learn something new…and it might just improve your family or work. With the explosion of web videos and smart phones, learning has been more accessible than ever before. Here are 3 overlooked ways to learn a new subject.

1. Video Training:

We have created various types of video training content for our clients. This has ranged from videotaping a training session for someone to watch at a later date. Or, creating short videos with a simple quiz at the end to verify the student has watched the video and learned the appropriate content. Courses can be “gamified”, which means that the students get badges and/or prizes for completing the learning modules. Who doesn’t like some healthy competition? You can utilize video training in your company in many other ways. See a few examples of video training that we have produced for a medical training company and an airline company.

2. Audio and Video Podcasts:

While podcasts became grew in popularity of the iPod, these prerecorded shows are available on smartphones, tablets and your computer. A podcast is much like a DVR in that you can download or stream a podcast to watch or listen at your convenience. There are podcasts for almost anything imaginable and it’s a great place to learn. Check out the iTunes store, Stitcher Radio or by “Googling” a subject matter and adding the word, “podcast” in your search query.

3. eLearning Courses:

Many people don’t realize how popular eLearning is. While eLearning is a broad term, it covers everything from video training, webinars, mobile based learning, game based learning, blended learning and much more. Many companies are utilizing eLearning in their companies for HR training, corporate communications, new employee training, rolling out a new product or service, certification and any other type of internal training needed.

The next time you need to learn something new, think of these 3 overlooked ways to learn a new subject. They just may help you learn creatively in a faster and more effective way.

If you need help creating an eLearning course for your company, contact us below. We are passionate about training and have worked with companies both locally in Dayton, Ohio, the Miami Valley, Columbus, Cincinnati, as well as all across the country (and world). Let us know how we can help you.

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