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We met the owner of esCEND while speaking at an event in Dayton, Ohio and talked about how to best promote his company and their innovative software. One of the challenges is that their software has 4 main components and he didn’t want to combine all 4 aspects of the software into one video. So, we produced a single video first that promoted one of the best pieces of the software called, foundationBUILDER. We are working on producing the other 3 videos so they can use each video to promote each piece of the software to different clients.

Software Promo Video Requirements:

  • Integrate images to tell the story of their software usages
  • Use After Effects to bring the video to life
  • Integrate a video walkthrough of their software to show the benefits
  •  Script writing and revisions
  • Voiceover recording and matching to the overall video

How to best make a Software Promotional Video video?

While it can be difficult to easily and concisely showcase and promote software, video is the best way to accomplish the task. The key is to determine what the benefits that the user (or customer, client, etc) will gain. Most software makes want to talk about the features of the software and showcase all the bells and whistles. Just like in any sales process, you want to stay away from promoting the features but you should instead focus on giving the benefits that the software provides.

Another key to producing a quality video to promote software is to keep the video simple and short. Don’t talk about ALL the benefits but instead focus on the top problems that your software helps solve. Sometimes you may want to keep that to the top 3 key benefits, but whatever the amount is, don’t overwhelm the viewer with all 187 benefits.

Lastly, keep the video short. Studies have shown that we have a shorter attention span than a goldfish (no really…we do). We recommend keeping the video under 3 minutes long, and if you can, limit it to 90 seconds if possible. It’s better to create multiple videos, than to have one video that is 5 minutes long. And, you will get better SEO (your Google rankings) if you have multiple videos that can be linked together.

Video production process for producing a software promotional video

Pre-Production process for software promos:

While most videos have different requirements, they follow a similar path to completion. Below is the process that we take. We work closely with our clients and work with them on the scripting. This may involve using our internal script writer, or using their initial script and revising it. In this video we had the client write the initial script and then we crafted it into a format that could be used for the video. We also plan out the images we’ll use and the After Effects requirements.

Production process for software promos:

During this phase we create the After Effects project, capture the software walkthrough using our screen capture software, acquire the images and have our voiceover artist record the voiceover. This process may take weeks or months depending on the scope of the project.

Post-Production process for software promos:

This phase takes the longest and is where a lot of the budget is allocated. Editing all the elements together is very time consuming. However, we do create a review round where the client can give us their feedback and we can tweak the video for improvement.

Why use video to promote software

Everyone knows the importance of video. It builds trust, increases sales and helps engagement. This is why most people would rather watch a video than read a website full of text describing the software. Here are a few articles that show just how important video is and why you should use it in your marketing and training strategies.

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