Why your website blog should be considered a learning center

image of brainRemember “back in the day” of your website? Your first website that you had created for your business? It was probably a “brochure” style website. It was static, boring and probably didn’t change much over the course of a few years…and it probably didn’t do you much good. Gone are the days when you could go weeks or months without adding content to your website. While we started out as a web video production company many years ago, we found that adding content to our website greatly improved our search rankings. You should be adding content to your website on a regular basis too. You’ve probably heard a lot about “blogging” and while it is very important that you add blogs (just another name for articles).

Creative ways of renaming your blog page:

  • Latest News
  • Articles
  • News
  • Learning Center
  • Company Updates
  • Tips and Tricks

Why a Learning Center will boost your SEO

As a Dayton Web Design company, we tend to downplay SEO (search engine optimization… aka your Google ranking), because you shouldn’t try to focus only on SEO. The reason for this is because people want quality content…and so does Google. So the more quality content you add to your website, the better

You should start to think of your website and blog as more of a learning center. Since your customers and clients learn in a variety of ways, you should create content that targets all styles of learning and consumption. Don’t only produce a single piece of content, but use it to create multiple forms of media that will hit several learning styles.

Types of website content you should think about creating:

  • articles
  • videos
  • audio clips
  • white papers
  • case studies
  • podcasts
  • tutorials
  • blogs
  • infographics
  • show examples of how you solve the problems that your clients have

Once you have a variety of content, you should see your website traffic increase greatly. While we have been preaching the importance of adding content to your website, it’s been something that we thought we were too busy to do ourselves. In fact, most companies that we talk to think that they are too busy, but we think that being too busy to add website content will soon lead to you going out of business since Google won’t push you toward the top of the search engine rankings, which may lead to you going out of business. See “Why you will go out of business if you don’t start blogging today” for more details. But, a while back we determined that we were going to put a priority on creating content to practice what we preach. Our goal is to create content for our website that is relevant, quality and fresh (newly added). We have seen tremendous improvement in our website analytics and have gotten several new clients for web video production, eLearning and online course creation and website design, which are our 3 core competencies.

How to get on a schedule

You might be overwhelmed at creating content for your website. The best way to force yourself to do this is through the following recommendations.

  1. Create a content calendar. Commit to writing an article every Monday morning. That’s what we do here. Spend 30-60 minutes creating a quality article that is evergreen (doesn’t go out of style or quality). This will ensure that your content is sharable for years to come. Start out writing one article per week with a goal of increasing to 2 per week if possible. We can almost guarantee that you will start to dominate your market…especially if you are in an industry that isn’t’ yet fully web savvy.
  2. Develop a content list. Whenever you have a good idea about a piece of content, write down a brief synopsis. We use Evernote to do a mind dump of various types of articles, videos, etc.
  3. Give yourself 6 months to test it out. You will see your website traffic steadily grow and while this may not have an immediate impact, it will yield great results over time.

So what are you waiting for…get started today? If your website is outdated and needs a new look, design and has the ability for you to easily add content, give us a call, we’d love to help.

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