10 simple tips to create better website content

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When we  launched our website at TrueFocusMedia.com we had been wanting to do it for a long time but never had time since I’ve been so busy working on my developing our client’s websites and media projects. The new website highlights the 3 core competencies of web design, video production and eLearning/Online Training. When we were finally able to put in some overtime work on our website, we committed to having it be a “learning center”. The reason for this is that a website shouldn’t be a static place on the web, but a living and breathing organism that grows with time. This helps both the readers but it also will give you (if you regularly add content) with improved SEO. So we strive to teach and train on our own website. And, since people learn in different ways, we add content like infographics, videos, text and images. What various types of content are you providing your readers?

Up until now, we’ve been sporadic in writing and posting blog posting, so we started regularly posting articles and blogs and have posted them on social media. I’m not surprised that it’s created engagement, but I am a little impressed at the level to which it’s surpassed our expectations. So I thought I’d give a few types of content that I’ve posted (and plan to post). Since I’m not a blogger, I’ve found some ways to create simple content.

Most people think creating content is an insurmountable task, and while I’m not a writer or blogger by nature, I’ve found that it isn’t as hard as you might think. Some people say they are too busy to create website content, but I say I’m too busy not to. By this I mean that one of the reasons why our company is so successful is that we create valuable content for our readers. This helps us build trust and it also helps us get higher in the search engines so more people can find us. Everyone wins in this scenario and so we keep creating content.

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  1. I think of my website as a “Learning Center” and not just a blog. Since people learn in a variety of ways, I try to create content that will target different styles. So I use text, video, stats and images
  2. I use stats in my industry and break them down to talk about how that can apply to my clients. See an example here
  3. I observe the world around me and how they use video, eLearning and web design. I recently took a trip to Lowe’s and noticed how they use video to market, teach and sell. See an example here
  4. I help others through various tutorials (like our website launch checklist): See an example here
  5. I use videos that we produce for our clients as case studies. See an example here
  6. I post recent websites we’ve developed and shared about the process. See an example here
  7. I post YouTube videos on my website and write a blog post giving my thoughts on the matter
  8. I use Visual.ly to embed infographics on a blog post and write my thoughts on it. See an example here
  9. I plan to embed Slideshare presentations that apply to web design, video production and eLearning
  10. I make a list in Evernote with ideas for upcoming blog posts. Since I LOVE what I do, I’m always thinking about my industry, learning more about it and have an endless supply of ideas for blog posts

Which of these will help you become a better content creator? What have you found helpful in posting content to your website?

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