DIY Video for Online Course Creators

Don’t feel confident creating online course videos and don’t know the best strategies, equipment, or resources to use? I’ve been producing professional videos since 2002 and will share my tips and tricks. Check out my quick-start guide & 10-week online course that will teach you how!

This Course Includes:

  1. The 3 types of videos you should use in your online courses
  2. 6 tips to maximize your online course videos
  3. Where I find professional graphics that make me look like a designer
  4. How to easily create memorable content for your course videos
  5. 7 tips on how to get confident in front of the camera
  6. What video camera to buy on a budget
  7. Lighting techniques & equipment
  8. How to get great sounding audio, no matter what type of video you create
  9. Screen Capture tips and tricks
  10. Video hosting options and the 1 popular hosting company NOT to use

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